reportage sur les vins de Cairanne avec Antoine Gerbelle is a web television channel dedicated to the world of wine. It describes itself as ‘free, full of flavour and nicely rounded, with just the right touch of acidity, freshness and persistence’. 

The channel is headed up by Antoine Gerbelle and Ophélie Neiman (aka Miss GlouGlou), Le Monde journalist and author of ‘Le vin c’est pas sorcier’ (Wine – it’s not Rocket Science). It also features a host of journalists, wine-tasters, experts and wine aficionados from all over the world, whose goal is to create relaxed, informative content for broadcast on a daily basis.

From his earliest days, Antoine Gerbelle has been passionate about the world of wine. His varied experiences led him to become a wine writer for Cuisine et Vin de France, then chief reporter for wine magazine La Revue des Vins de France, where he also wrote a number of specialist wine guides. In 2016, he turned freelance, becoming a contributor to On Va Déguster - a culinary news programme hosted by François-Régis Gaudry - and a writer for weekly magazine L’Obs.  

On, he shares his passion with a wide audience of wine lovers, and talks about new and exciting happenings in the world of wine, introducing new discoveries, organising wine-tasting events and interviewing key people in the wine-making world.

The village of Cairanne was delighted to welcome Antoine Gerbelle and his team for an episode focused on the appellation. The programme was interspersed with interviews with a range of domaines and wine houses, and ;tastings of Cairanne’s 2016s and 2017s.


So how did Cairanne, with its extraordinary natural heritage, make the journey to become Côtes du Rhône Cru?  What really drives the Cairanne winegrowers? And what are the main features of Cairanne wines? What makes them distinctive?

The answers to these questions can be found through a series of remarkable interviews recorded in these videos, and in Antoine Gerbelle’s own choice of favourite wines.

  1. Cairanne Reaches a New Stage

« Cairanne was recently promoted to become the latest Cotes du Rhône Cru. Appellation President Denis Alary remembers the struggles he had, and the pledges he made, to obtain INAO accreditation ».

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  1. 2016 – Cairanne Finesse at the Peak of its Glory

« It’s a done deal – Cairanne is now a Rhône Valley Cru in its own right. It’s been a long time coming, but the winegrowers have used that time to fine-tune and consolidate the style of their 2016 reds, currently on sale. We are impressed ».

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  1. Cairanne White 2017: Let the Celebrations Continue!

« These are slightly more of a mixed bag than the 2016 reds, but equally noteworthy. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this is a new generation of great French white wines, available at sensible prices. Don’t miss out ».

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  1. Domaine des Amadieu : Domaine des Amadieu: From the Jura to Cairanne

« Here’s a name to remember. We were impressed by the freshness of the wines, both white and red. All biodynamically grown by Yves-Jean Houser, a confident, committed winegrower ».

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